Monday, 16 May 2011


So, I've been on MFC for a total of 6 hours in a week.  I got paid today $545.55!!!  So I averaged it out, and it worked out to $84 per hour.  I had great days where I met my goal, and not so great days, where a couple hours did not earn me much, but when you average out the 6 hours, its still 84 dollars an hour.  Thats amazing.  I used my day job paycheque to pay a bunch of bills, and will be using the earnings from MFC this period to just live off till the next payday.  Now, if I could manage to average that every week, I will be able to get my debts paid off fairly quickly.  My goal is to be debt free within a year.  Credit card debts.  Hate them.  Well, gotta head in to the day job now.  Will try and update on the adventures soon.

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