Wednesday, 25 May 2011


I did an outside show this weekend when there was some sun.  WOW, that was exciting.  LOVE being outside when its warm out.  I also have been watching other models to see what is popular, what isnt etc.  There really is NO rhyme or reason.  One model sitting there in a top with a topic of "cum show at 2000tkns" got tokens like crazy.  Her "show" was so fake.  She "pretended" to squirt and "cream" and yet did not actually show that, just the after wetness.  The men went crazy.  She then put up her topic as another 1000tkns for another cum.  Her tokens kept coming and coming.  I was like "HOLY SHIT, can these guys not tell a fake or do they just not care?"

Another model was naked, dancing around with HUNDREDS of people in her room and the tokens barely trickled in.  Its just so random.  I went on yesterday while at a friends place.  My topic was "at a friends watching hockey game, convince me to flash you".. I did pretty well!  WTF?  Sure, not great, but was only on for a bit, flashed some tits, made about $32.  For tits!  Oh, I was drinking (which I never do) and I think that may have been the appeal as well.  I just do not know.  I don't get it.  WHAT is it that they want to see?  I am a genuine goofy girl that laughs a lot and cums for REAL.  No faking - but the guys go crazy over fake stuff.  I even have had guys ask "do you squirt cream?"  I am like WTF??? GOOGLE squirting orgasm and educate yourself.  Its a CLEAR liquid.  I have not found a single reference to creamy squirting o's and if I was to squirt cream I would think I have an infection!  Tons of men are just so not educated on the whole thing.  I have a link on my profile on MFC to a squirting orgasm explanation.  Its NOT pee, Its NOT creamy, its clear and you must stimulate the "g-spot" or Skeenes gland in order to get it.  sigh.

I guess I am a bit angry that I see all these models faking orgasms and getting TONS and TONS of tokens, while mine are so real and its taking me so long to build up that fan base.  Angry/jealous that I cant fake it.  If I could only fake it then maybe it would make a difference. lol.  I cant act worth shit.  It would be sooooo obvious.  "ooo baby, baby, I want your hard cock... giggle giggle... oooo ya".  It would go something like that.  Ahh well.  The ones that HAVE seen me and are coming back know what I have to offer and like it.  I love the reg's.  Even if they aren't tippers, I still love to talk to them.  You develop somewhat of an online friendship with them and it makes your day to see them come into your room to chat.

Its THAT time of the month again, so I wont be able to go on for awhile... sigh.

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