Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Last night I was on for under 2 hours and made $109.  So, about $55 an hour.  Most of that came from two private shows.  One was a repeat, one was a new one.  I am sending everyone who takes me private, or tips me over 20tkns two video links.  I am starting to get regulars now.  Okay, so to continue my last post.  I went on and decided to hula hoop and do the ab roller with my ass facing the cam on friday.  Did a countdown to topless hula hooping and got them all hyped about how the boobs will bounce.  FAIL.  No bouncing boobs!  I just hadnt thought out the mechanics of hula hooping, your moving your hips, so the boobs just dont bounce. lol.  I made a few jokes about that and apologized.

Last night, I have this regular who wants a pair of panties.  So, when I got back from my private, and was all soaked, I proceeded to stuff the panties in.  That was REALLY hard. They all clapped when I got it done. lol.  My birthday is tomorrow, so I am planning on doing an outside show with birthday hats (weather permitting), and getting a cupcake.  Going to try and "squirt" out the candle.  Should be fun.

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