Thursday, 12 May 2011

SO sore

Another $100!  I am dying today though.  I had TWENTY, yes, TWENTY orgasms.  HOLY SHIT.  I am super sore today, the cervix hurts, tummy muscles hurt, and I can barely keep my eyes open at work.  I could totally handle making $100 every night for a few hours of playing with myself.  I have decided to take tonight off and try and get as much caught up on as possible so I can go on MFC this weekend. 

I wasnt able to do an outdoor show as it was raining and windy, but the weather forecast is looking good for the weekend, so I may get to do my outdoor show after all.  I was also in the top 10 last night! whoohooo.  Had over 200 people in my room so I am starting to get a fan base.  I sent EVERY tipper a link to two videos as well as the password to my locked photo galleries.  Good PR I figure.  Gotta build that fanbase so they come to see me over and over. 

I gotta say, what an amazing group of guys that come on there.  I know I said that already, but really, it is so much fun when you have guys with a sense of humour and kindness.  I couldnt get the candle out, I have no control over aim. lol.

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