Friday, 27 January 2012

Been awhile!

Its been a looong time since I posted.  Figured I am due.  Well, where to begin.  My adventures on MFC are pretty much the same.  Nothing new and exciting.  Up and down like a ..... well you know.  The inconsistency there is killing me.  Camscore, that's another thing I really DO NOT LIKE.  I finally was ALMOST at the 2000 mark, than took a huge hit, dropping down to 1010.  I quit.  It bugs the shit out of me. 

I have signed up on a new site.  When I say NEW I mean SUPER new, as in just launched.  The link for that is  HUGE potential on this site once it takes off I think.  There are still some bugs and glitches to work out but the admin is easily accessible and extremely helpful.  The pay is awesome.  It goes like this:  Top 1-5 get 80%.  6-10 gets 75% 11-15 gets 70% and beyond that, everyone gets 65%.  MFC pays out 50%.

There are only around 60 models signed up so far, and not many members, but its slowly getting there.  I will be concentrating all my efforts on that site right now and giving MFC a HUGE break.  There is also another fairly new one that I may give a try  It certainly is extremely difficult to build a client base when you can only dedicate 2 hours a night at most.

I have to say.  I have met some amazing people.  Who would have thought?  Mind you, that's me, being the social butterfly and making on line friends instead of treating them like customers.  I am certainly NOT going to make a living at this camming, but I will say, the extra money is awesome.  I have become a clothes whore.  Wait, I have become a clothes whore, shoe whore, g string whore.  I have become... *gasp*  a GIRL!

OH!  Another thing I have taken up.  Pole dancing (for fitness) lessons.  I even bought a pole.  Funny story that one.  I got the pole and my friend and I set it up.  Supposedly its portable and can support up to a 220lb load weight without having to screw it in.  We swung on that thing like a couple of orangutans for about a half hour with no issue.  Other than the whining "oh my arms, oh my legs, ouch ouch".  Later that night, after have a few drinks to dull the pain of the aching muscles I decided to try dancing with the pole, do a couple of swings and film it so I could have a look at whether I could pull "sexy" off.

Turn cam on.  Begin slowly walking around pole, concentrating on walking in the 5 inch heels and NOT falling, tripping or generally making an ass of myself.  Shaking the booty, do a successful swing landing somewhat gracefully on my feet, begin going the other way.  Picture this:  I am mid swing, so, the fastest, hardest part and WHAM, pole comes down with me on it.  Yup.  I got it on vid!  It is absolutely hilarious.  For a mere $19.99 I can email it to you.  HAHA.   

I will try to write more regularily in this blog.  Tonight, I am off to strip club to see if I can actually learn something like, well you know, graceful moves, fluidity, sexy, all that stuff that just does NOT come natural to me.


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