Monday, 6 February 2012


First off, about the new site.  It is still in the early stages with a lot of kinks to work out.  The problem is getting members.  Not only paying members, but models who will be on line.  Over 70 have signed up now but seems to be only 3 or 4 main ones that go on line regularly.  The site is also great for couples or men, and tries to have as few rules as possible.  I do really hope it takes off as there are a lot of cool features on it and has potential to be big.  I absolutely LOVE that you can block guests entirely.  Not only mute them, but block them from coming in your room.  Another great feature is that you can set your room to ONLY allow tippers in, for e.g. Your room is not open to anyone unless they tip 10 tokens to get in. 

Since it is new, you have to be prepared to sit there for hours with nobody in your room:)

Now, since I figure its been approximately 9 months of me being in the "cam business" I figured I had seen/heard it all and knew all fetishes.  Well, I was wrong.  I know about bbw fetishes but what I did not know was the "feeder" fetish.  Wow.  I watched a show on it last night.  Apparently it is actually growing in popularity.  I know one thing for sure, if a member decides he wants to start sending me money to watch me eat I will NOT go there!  I am trying so dam hard to get rid of the extra I have as it is. 

One thing I have found out about myself that is new.  I LOVE TO SHOP!  I think part of the fun for me going on cam is just to wear sexy outfits and 5 inch heels that I otherwise would not be able to wear out.  My town is a jeans and T-shirt kinda town, so if I went out dressed as I do on cam I would probably be labelled the town slut.  Imagine if "they" find out what I do at night for fun and a little extra cash.  That is one thing I want to address.  If you are thinking of getting into camming, you have to realise that it is always a possibility.  No matter how hard you try to keep it private (as in blocking your city/country) there is still going to be a chance that your secret gets out.

I have thought a lot about it.  I worry a lot about it.  The worst case scenario would be I lose my day job.  I don't "*think* that would happen, but of course you never know.  The other (TO ME) worst case is the fact that people would talk.  Yes, they would say nasty things behind my back about being a dirty cam whore, prostitute, slut etc etc.  The thing I try to keep in mind is #1. YES I am somewhat selling my body for money BUT #2.  I am not having ANY physical contact with another person, I am basically having sex with myself but with a paying out of sight audience.    The great debate:  Is camming prostitution?  I am of the opinion that its not.  They call us "cam models".  We are "modelling " our bodies in a very intimate fashion.  Yea, yea, its porn, so be it, but its safe porn with no exchanges of bodily fluids or even person to person contact.

Anyone want to weigh in on their thoughts please write in the comments section.  Do you consider cam modelling a form of prostitution?


  1. I saw an episode of Desperate Housewives when Susan was Cam Modeling. I personally don't think that it's prostitution.

    Thank you for sharing :)


  2. Hi, just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your journey as a webcam model, i enjoyed reading about your experience, and wish you much success in the future. I don't think it to be prostitution at all, entertainment more like it, your a performer not a prostitute. As long as you are enjoying yourself that's all that matters, and don't give a shit what other people think of you, it takes courage and determination, to be a webcam model. Being a regular on MFC (client male), i must say i take my hat off to all those beautiful webcam models who entertain us guys day in and day out. I must say i do show them much respect always, besides what other way is their to treat a beautiful woman. Thanks again for your story, and best wishes with the rest of your journey.

    Dee (MFC Male Client)
    Best Wishes!


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